With the future of the youth of Burgos in mind, our Mayor Nathaniel D. Escobar welcomed the learners of Burgos National High School on April 17, 2023 to gain the skills, knowledge, and experience on what it’s like to work in the Local Government Unit for 10 working days

In the during of the immersion, John Edward Cotillon shared his experience “I enjoyed my 10 days immersion with the LGU, I gained a lot of knowledge and experience in which I can apply to my everyday life such as time management, unity, etc. with these set of skills I can see the importance of working as one. Also, the employees are very approachable and very willing to teach what’s needed to be taught”. He said.

Burgos National High School also partnered with the PNP-Burgos and BFP-Burgos for those aspiring to be in service.

(Vanjourg C. Arreola)