A Simulation Exercise of a Bombing Incident was conducted by the Burgos PNP headed by PLT. Donaldson Pagalanan, Burgos MPS OIC Chief-of-Police, in cooperation with the Local Emergency Response Team headed by Mr. Revjohn D. Dalit, LDRRMO II

“The purpose for Simulation exercise is for the operational readiness especially on the side of the PNP on different scenarios, event or incidents for example what we did was under an explosion incident, if these were to occur, we can assure that the PNP is response-ready on how to handle the scenes in terms of securing the area, investigation, civilian evacuation of victims, arrest of suspects and to ensure the safety of the public.” PLT. Donaldson Pagalanan said.

“SIMEX is one of the preparedness measures during the occurrence of a bombing incident or a blast. And with the collaboration and partnership with PNP whose area of expertise is to investigate at the crime scene and ensure crowd safety. Rescuers on the other hand or members of LERT will provide medical assistance and rescue to casualties transporting them to a safe ground or most probably bringing them to a nearest health facility or hospitals for further treatment. With SIMEX, we try to delineate the role of every actor for a successful operation.” Mr. Revjohn D. Dalit said.

(Vanjourg C. Arreola)